The International Conservators Council of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
“Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region in Poland and Ukraine”.

In 2013, concurrently with the inscription of wooden churches in the Polish and Ukrainian Carpathian regions on the World Heritage List, an international council – a working group was established to continuously monitor the state of preservation of individual components of the serial World Heritage Site. The Council’s activities are coordinated on the Polish side by the National Institute of Cultural Heritage and on the Ukrainian side by the Lviv Gallery of Fine Arts (formerly the Historic-Architectural Reserve in Zhovkva). Its meetings, held at least once a year, are attended by experts in heritage conservation, conservation services, and representatives of the managers of all churches on both sides of the cross-border entry. The Council’s meetings provide a forum for the exchange of experience and constitute an essential component of the management efforts.

One of the results of the activities of Polish and Ukrainian specialists initiated by the Council are conservation and landscape studies of individual churches covered by the inscription. The studies include detailed analyses of history, art history, conservation, landscape, and heritage management issues. The studies are vital for monitoring the preservation of the overall estate, restoration needs, and management issues.

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