Tserkva of Saint Paraskeva
Currently, the Roman Catholic branch church of the parish in Uście Gorlicki
(Poland, Małopolska province, Gorlice district)

The temple is one of the best-preserved churches of the West Lemko type and is considered one of the most beautiful.

It was built in the 17th century, tripartite, of mortise and tenon (log) construction, covered with shingles. The church was extended in 1743 with a tower of post-and-frame construction with sloping walls with a chancel. The aisle and sanctuary are covered with pitched tent roofs. The cupolas and the tower are topped by spherical turrets with blind lanterns. The church is exceptionally soaring. The sanctuary and nave are covered with apparent cupola vaults, and the “babiniec” (matroneum) with a flat ceiling. Between the aisle and the “babiniec” (matroneum) there is a portal with a corrugated lintel.

The interior preserves a painting decoration from 1811 and complete church equipment from the 18th to the 20th century, including an iconostasis by Michał Bogdański from 1904 and an altar from the 19th century. The predella of the contemporary Post-Conciliar altar contains a fragment of the Deesis (a painting depicting of Lord Jesus accompanied on both sides by Virgin Mary and John the Baptist) from the original 17th century iconostasis, discovered during conservation work in 2012.

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