Tserkva of Saint James the Less, the Apostle
Currently a Roman Catholic church
(Poland, Małopolska province, Nowy Sącz district)

The temple is the oldest of the surviving Lemko churches and represents an early example of the West Lemko type.

It was erected in the early 17th century, possibly by the builder M. Kiernozicki, rebuilt in 1813. A tripartite temple, of a mortise and tenon (log) construction, covered with shingles, with a bay tower from 1780 of a pole construction, topped with a spherical cupola. The interior of the aisle is covered by a tent-shaped mortise and tenon (log) cupola, broken by faults, the sanctuary has a faceted ceiling, and the sacristy has a faux barrel vault.

The interior preserves an iconostasis from before 1743, adapted to the needs of the Latin liturgy. Attention is drawn to the rainbow beam with a silhouetted representation of the Crucified Christ from the first quarter of the 17th century (by Pawlenty Radymski) and the unique figural polychrome from 1607 in the sacristy. The interior decoration is complemented by altars with, among others, the icon of the Mother of God with Child and the image of the Crucified Christ (17th century); a Rococo pulpit, icons from the 17th to 19th centuries, including the Last Judgement painted by Pavlenty Radymski in 1624.


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