Tserkva of Saint Michael the Archangel
Currently, the Roman Catholic branch church of the parish in Lutowiska
(Poland, Subcarpathian Province, Bieszczady County)

The temple in Smolnik is one of Poland’s few preserved tripartite Boyko domed churches.

It was built in 1791, picturesquely situated on a hill, surrounded by a cemetery.

The temple is of a mortise and tenon (log) structure, tripartite, with a pulpit band supported on lynxes. Above the sanctuary, the nave, and „babiniec” (matroneum), the roofs (rows) are erected of mortise and tenon (log) construction, tented, single-pitch, and topped with round-shape beads. In the interior, over the sanctuary and the nave, four-sided mortise and tenon (log) domes with an offset are erected, and the “babiniec” is topped with a faux cradle vault. Over the buffers between the aisle and the neighboring chambers, there are beamed vaulted ceilings.

Of the former interior decoration of the tserkva, only fragments of polychrome from the end of the 18th century on the iconostasis wall and ornamental decorations in the sanctuary from the second half of the 19th century have survived. The remaining pieces of furnishing are located in Ukraine, and in the collections of the Łańcut Castle Museum and the Historical Museum in Sanok.

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