Tserkva of Saint George
Currently a branch of the Regional Museum of Folk Traditions in Drohobych
(Ukraine, Lviv region, Drohobych district)

The temple’s architectural form and shape stand out in the group of churches of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland, representing a new Halych type.

It was erected in the second half of the 17th century as a tripartite, mortise and tenon (log) structure with two chapels adjoining the nave. It is surrounded by wide eaves, supported within the “babiniec” (matroneum) on carved pillars. All parts are covered with Baroque onion-shaped domes topped with round-shape bead. The whole structure is covered with shingles. On the northern side of the “babiniec” (matroneum), a steep staircase leads to an arcaded gallery and an emporium housing the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel above the “babiniec” (matroneum), with a small iconostasis.

In the interior of the tserkva, well-preserved wall paintings of high artistic value date back to the 17th century, executed under the direction of Stefan Medytsky. His participation is also confirmed in the sculptural and painting decoration of the iconostasis.

In the vicinity of the church is a free-standing bell tower with a chancel from the second half of the 17th century, covered with an onion-shaped dome with a cross on top.

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