Tserkva of the Descent of the Holy Spirit
Currently a branch of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Art Museum
(Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Rohatyn District)

The temple is one of the oldest wooden churches in the Polish and Ukrainian Carpathians. It represents the old Halych type.

The temple was built on a hill at the end of the 15th century as a tripartite, mortise and tenon (log) structure. Around 1675, a three-storey belfry-tower was added to the side of the “babiniec” (matroneum), connected to the church by eaves. Rebuilt several times. The belfry is covered with a tent roof with a high spire, the nave with a tent two-tiered roof, topped with an open lantern with a spire. On the southern, external wall of the church, relics of painting decorations from the 17th century have been preserved.

The interior of the nave is enclosed by a tented mortise and tenon (log) dome, and the interiors of the “babiniec” (matroneum) and sanctuary have flat ceilings. Notable features include a Renaissance-Baroque iconostasis from 1650 – one of the three oldest and best preserved in Ukraine, unique icons from the 16th-17th centuries and stone tombstones in the floor. There are numerous historical stone gravestones in the church’s surroundings.

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